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Corporate Events


Road Shows


Road show is a type of promotional activity, the road show promotion design for any particular brand on large scale within the reach of target customer for the awareness of any particular brand with attraction (any attractive offer).
Road Show Promotions success revolves around communication with you, the client, so we then know how you tick and have the same vision of your project as you do. We've a good idea what works on a road show.... and what doesn't, what equipment is effective at a venue.... or a waste of budget.
The Road Show Promotions team is an invaluable, powerful weapon in the armory of your project team.

With Road Show Promotions you have a single, intelligent step to communicate with your market.

 Requirement for Road Show

  1. Fabricated cantor (truck, bus)
  2. Man Power  promoter girls and boy
  3. Anchor emcee
  4. Light & Sound system
  5. Entertainment   (dance / celebrity / games / singer)  etc
    This campaign is known to be economical. It gives more visibility and allows the customer to directly relate to the product. And the touch and feel concept is satisfied.

    Our vision is to break these barriers and include people with disabilities into main stream society. These road shows will create a platform for interaction and set in motion a new thought process for building and creating awareness about the needs and potential of the people.

Hiring or Buying the right Promotional Truck


Although we operate a number of promotional units, unlike other companies we do not restrict you to our products, we at all times attempt to match your requirements to existing vehicles located throughout the India.

Converting, adapting or modifying the interior of these promotional units can be as simple as clipping in a new desk, shelf or wall display into existing mounting brackets (as found on one of our rental units) to having a complete interior rebuild the choice is yours for more information.

We DREAM’S SOLUTION can arrange promotional HGV hire, lease or purchase,
arrange for the hire, lease or purchased unit to be modified your specification and branded your promotional message.

Several road shows were conducted by the company in which public response was really great to make the road show attractive quiz programmed, magic shows, musical shows, gift distribution etc make it really happening awareness for the product is almost 90% successful.

A free sample Gift Voucher also works as an enzyme for the promotional success and it also acts as a test for the quality testing of the product...


Seminar & Confrencess


The Power of the Seminar :-

The popularity of conference and seminar results from the distinct benefit they offer. Attendeespre qualify themselves as prospects; if they weren’t intersested in the issue being discussed. They wouldn’t come. You get to talk with themface to face, both formally during presentations and informally during breaks, meals and receptions. As a speaker, you are automatically classified as an expert.


A meeting designed for discussion, consultation, and exchange of information; usually composed of general sessions and smaller group meetings to find facts and solve problems.
Conferences & Meetings today need expertise to execute in order to create synergy in communication at all levels. We recognize this area of communication through custom made motivational themes crafted with extensive survey about the company.




Products Launches



Dealer Meet



DREAM’SSOLUTION is a well known name in corporate sector for organizing dealers meet always in different pattern and ideas, keeping in view complete information of product and entertainment of all invitee guests (dealers).
Appreciating through awards to the best seller, dealers meet helps providing space and to add vigor & energy to give their best effort to become special and number one.
To increase sales graph annually A dealers meet is necessary for all the corporate company, one to one attraction of dealers with marketing head, sales department and company head is must be either once or twice in a year, through dealers meet dealers candiscuss the problems of general customer with the experts of market.

In dealers meet Company presentation Company / Marketing / Sales Head discuss with dealers on the topic:-

  1. Increase of sales.
  2. Promotions of product.
  3. Advantage & disadvantage of that particular product.
  4. Giving vote of thanks to Dealers effort to make that brand / product as super brand.
  5. Marketing strategy.
  6. Upcoming products of that particular brand

For Dealers Meet DREAM’S SOLUTION undertake


Sales meet

A gathering in which a product or service is being discussed, and the benefits are outlined to the potential buyer. The sales meeting is not always a presentation format; it can sometimes be an informal conversation, phone call or online affair. The parties involved have this meeting between the initial contact and final purchase, in order to entice the customer.
Sales meeting is designed to sell the product, build relationships, identify needs and outline benefits of the product. Personal financial planners would use a sales meeting to discuss retirement goals, build rapport and explain how the investment products and fund management will meet the goals of the potential client




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